Social Media Management

Casual connections that lead to devoted brand ambassadors.

617 Web Marketing creates and maintains social media accounts, like Facebook, to increase brand awareness, connect with the public, and demonstrate to Google that the business is active. Social media management includes:

Creating the social account

Updating services, promotions, team information, etc.

Posting informative and engaging content on a weekly basis

And more!

Social media is an important tool for dental offices. It demonstrates that the practice values two-way communication with their patients. Also, it is a way for a dental office to increase their visibility. For example, if a dental office has an interesting post, an active follower may tag a friend or share the post on their newsfeed. Social media is almost free advertisement when managed correctly. 

Social media marketing is a more casual approach to share your content with the public. It’s a great tool to stay connected with active users that may be learning about products and services through social media rather than traditional norms like newspapers and television. As a business owner, you can see how people are reacting to your brand and even talk to them directly by responding to comments and reviews. 

The more you stay connected the more transparent you become. You build trust and likability. You’ll gain more followers and more business. But with so many media platforms, like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+, how do you keep track? With us, of course! 

We can organize your social media marketing. We’ll recommend which platforms are best for your brand, create the page, gain followers, actively post and engage! 617WebMarketing will integrate our savvy copywriting techniques to get your business socially active. Use your new platform to promote your business and offer exclusive deals to help spread brand awareness!  

Do you have an account already? Contact us today for a quick review. We can show you how applying key behaviors will improve your social engagement.