Search Engine Optimization

Solidify your online presence with search engine optimization.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a web marketing strategy that allows search engines, like Google, to recognize a website and consider it “useful”. Websites that appear most reputable, informative, user-friendly, relatable, secured, and responsive will have higher chances at ranking number 1. For example, a person that is searching for “dentist in Boston MA” will most likely contact the top 3 dental websites that appear. Dental offices that are below that margin are losing business. Especially, when 80% of new patients are utilizing Google to find dental practices. We specialize in SEO to get dentists the best results for their total revenue goals. Transparency is our objective at 617 Web Marketing. So, we offer monthly reports to show our clients current search engine results.  

Our reports show the keywords used by their target market, how often the keywords are used, and the ranking score. You will notice that the client is ranking number 1 on Google desktop, mobile, and Google Maps. 

Your practice needs to be the top search result. It sets you apart from the competition by increasing brand awareness. Now, how many times have you actually scrolled to the end of a search result page or even clicked to the next page? Most visitors do not. So, if your practice’s website is in the top search results, you’ll earn more clicks and ultimately more business.  

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