Pay-Per-Click and Social Media Ads

Double your visibility and maximize your conversion rate.

617 Web Marketing offers Pay-Per-Click advertising service (PPC) which is another effective strategy to increase your online traffic on search engine result pages or SERP. Its measurability makes it a favorite for dental practices to review results easily. Our SEO techniques will align with your Pay-Per-Click goals to enhance your practice online visibility. Using this method can be tricky, but 617 Web Marketing will turn your PPC investment into your next smart business move! 

Pay-Per-Click advertisement has advantages that can make the investment profitable. For one, it is quantifiable which makes it easier to measure success and identify opportunities for improvement. 617 Web Marketing will proactively evaluate the results and adjust the PPC accordingly to increase your conversion rate. Another benefit is that your practice is even more visible to potential new clients. Depending on your target or business need, we can utilize our SEO expertise to qualify your pay-per-clicks. We assure that these advertisements are valuable and cost effective by applying current market trends and best practices. 

Your dental practice will now appear in the Ad section and at the top search result. Congratulations! You have now doubled your visibility and maximized your conversion rate! So, talk with us today on how to increase your online visibility!