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From paid search and remarketing to display promotions, 617 Marketing helps your brand make the most of every pay-per-click campaign with tech-enabled PPC management solutions custom-tailored to create tangible results quickly.

Our Pay-Per-Click Service

Pay per click, or paid search advertising, is one of the most efficient ways to target your qualified audience. From Google, YouTube, and Bing to Amazon, your brand will have maximum visibility with the PPC and social media ad specialists at 617 Marketing by your side.

Your brand deserves a partner that understands how to provide a full-service, custom-tailored approach across every facet of your SEM strategy. From research, execution, testing, and tracking, the SEM specialists at 617 Marketing use modern technologies and analytics to adjust and optimize keywords, ad copy, bids, and more to ensure your brand gets in front of customers ready to buy.

When you trust 617 Marketing with your Pay-per-click marketing and social media advertising solutions, you’ll have a partner that’s invested in your success from the start. We work closely with your team to create targeted and effective paid search campaigns utilizing a unique, hands-on, customer-centric, and collaborative approach that ensures the spotlight stays on your brand.

It’s a new digital world for your business, and we’re here to help take over your market. We specialize in search engine optimization and PPC management services to position your brand where customers are looking.

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617 Marketing offers Pay-Per-Click advertising services (PPC) designed to increase your online traffic on search engine result pages or SERP. We design and develop a comprehensive, custom-tailored ad buy strategy to double your visibility and maximize your conversion rate.

With the internet being such a prominent part of our lives, it’s no wonder that everyone is on here trying out advertising avenues and maximizing conversion paths. It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting up or have been around for decades. There are always new ways to market yourself through social media outlets like Facebook ads or Google Adwords, which will help sow seeds in people’s minds about what products they might want later down the line.

Increased marketing opportunities, however, come with more significant challenges.

We help you get more from paid search with specialized solutions to help you make the most of your online presence. Our number one goal is to maximize your pay-per-click ROI by bringing in quality leads.

We help you increase your SERP. What’s your SERP? SERP, or search engine result pages, provides measurability that allows you to review quickly how your practice is performing online.

Our SEO techniques align with your Pay-Per-Click goals to enhance your online visibility, create organic traffic, and drive revenue upward. Using this method can be tricky, but 617 Marketing will turn your PPC investment into the smartest business decision you’ve ever made!

We have a mission to make sure your paid search strategy delivers more than it takes. Every campaign we launch will provide you with returns on investment that can’t be found anywhere else.

Standing out in a sea of competitors is more complex than ever. In order for your business or product idea to compete with the rest, it must deliver on its promises by providing value that customers can’t find anywhere else! And to do that, you have to find new and innovative ways to reach your customers where they’re at. From results pages to social media platforms, the online space is flooded with content thanks to the millions of blogs, videos, and graphics published every minute of the day. This leads to information overload for your customers and ensures that it’s all that much harder for you to get your brand message heard and in front of the people who matter most.

That is…

Unless you use paid search. 

Paid search campaigns allow you to target your audiences (based on who there are, where they live, what their interests are, and more) and guarantee that your message hits its mark.

Pay-Per-Click advertisement has advantages that can make the investment profitable. First, it provides quantifiable data, making it easier to measure success and identify opportunities for improvement.

When you trust your PPC advertising to 617 Marketing, you’ll be able to proactively evaluate the results and adjust the PPC accordingly to increase your conversion rate.

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Marketing puts your brand on the map

It does this by making your business more visible to potential new clients. Depending on your target or business need, we utilize our SEO expertise to qualify your pay-per-clicks. We deliver valuable and cost-effective advertisements by applying current market trends and best practices.

Your dental practice will now appear in the Ad section and at the top search result. Congratulations! You have now doubled your visibility and maximized your conversion rate! So, talk with us today on how to increase your online visibility!

Why does Pay-Per-Click Advertising matter?

No matter what industry your business is in, without strategic search engine optimization, you can’t compete with the numerous other businesses offering the same products or services out there. The truth is today’s market is overcrowded, and small businesses are struggling to keep up with the competition. But it doesn’t just stop at SEO. You must ensure that your marketing strategy is as precise as the keywords for your website.

That’s where professional, strategic Pay-Per-Click Advertising comes in. Think about it this way—people looking for your products and services are searching online for an instant solution to their problem or need. If they don’t already know your brand, they’re going to search for a business to trust. But if other websites are ranking higher than yours, they’re not going to look much further than the third business down the list. It doesn’t matter how much better care and compassion your team brings to the table, that you make better products, or that you’re more affordable. If your site isn’t ranking near the top on every Google search, you will be left behind.

Professional, data-driven PPC advertising doesn’t just help you build authority online. It gets your website and social media channels in front of the right customers. You’ll be able to engage with more customers, build customer recognition, increase customer loyalty, and drive revenue. It’s time that people are searching online for your products and services to find your business first.

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