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Here Are 5 Tips to Help Improve Your Web Design This 2023

A website is one of the essential marketing tools anyone can have in their advertising arsenal, especially if you own a dental firm. It’s a great way to reach a broad audience, track customer interaction, showcase products and services, and create an online community. 

For this reason, ensuring your web design offers the best user experience and high-quality content is crucial. However, it can be difficult for dental firms to maintain this, mainly because several people in this industry aren’t well-versed in web design. As a result, this means a frustrating user experience, high bounce rates, and missed conversion opportunities. 

By working with a professional web designer, this article will enumerate five tips to help improve your web design this 2023. 

1. Create a Plan 

Once you’ve identified the areas on your website that need improvement, it’s time to create a realistic strategy to tackle those issues. 

Begin by mapping out how someone interacts with your business, from the first time they clicked on your website to when they become a customer. You should also determine how they discovered your company, their interactions on your site and with customer service, and their post-purchase experience. 

Moreover, identify what visitors will be looking for and how to guide them to become customers. You should also determine what offers appeal to them, the pages they visit, and what content they read. That way, you can create a more efficient web design. 

2. Use the Right Stock Images

While most web design companies recommend using original photos for your website, you should use the right stock photos if you don’t have other options. Ensure other websites don’t use these images and avoid cliches. 

You should also avoid cheesy images, such as people high-fiving with exaggerated smiles, groups looking at the camera, and groups of suited people jumping in the air. Moreover, never use photos of executives in superhero costumes because users may project their negative experiences onto them and reduce their trust in your company.

3. Eliminate Distractions and Minimize Friction

Most viewers have short attention spans, and they’ll click away if they don’t get what they need immediately. For this reason, it’s always crucial to keep your content and design clear and concise. 

You can ensure this by avoiding overly complex animations, too much text, and generic images because these elements can take away from the overall message you’re trying to convey. To establish a consistent brand identity across all marketing efforts, web design companies also recommend setting clear rules and standards that define your brand, such as the logo, tone, colors, and fonts. 

4. Add Social Proof

If you shop a lot online, you probably buy items with good ratings from people who share their experiences with them. Most high-quality services and products usually have four or five stars from other customers. 

For this reason, we strongly recommend uploading screenshots of other people’s positive experiences with your dental firm. When you share the positive opinions of different clients, you can establish faith in your company that it will provide your viewers with what they need, eventually converting them into customers. 

5. Create a Compelling Call-to-Action

Once visitors land on your page, you must guide them to convert into customers by strategically placing calls-to-action (CTAs) at the top right of your navigation, below sections that require action, and at the bottom of the web pages.

Never inundate them with the bottom-of-the-funnel CTA everywhere because it won’t work if they’re not ready to buy.


Your web design can significantly impact your dental firm’s reputation. Thorough planning and working with a reputable web designer can propel your company to success this 2023. 

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